Data Privacy and Security Weekly

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq.

Rush reports data breach involving 45000 patients
Hartford Courant

… vice president of cyber liability underwriting with TDC Specialty Underwriters, a subsidiary of The Doctors Company, which sells medical malpractice …

Chinese hackers use phishing emails to target engineering, transport and defence companies

The cyber espionage campaign has been detailed by security company … US charges Chinese hackers with ‘massive theft’ from NASA, Navy and tech …

Massive hacking attack on Israeli websites
Arutz Sheva

“The hackers could have caused billions of [shekels of] damage instead of vandalism. The defacing, thanks to our alertness and that of the cyber …

Ex-teacher sentenced to 3 years in ‘celebgate’ hacking case
Virginia Lawyers Weekly

Brannan, 31, pleaded guilty in October to aggravated identity theft and unauthorized access to a protected computer. He apologized before being …

New Data Protection Bill Takes On Racial Ad Targeting

The most recent in the Facebook data mishaps is the accusation of discriminatory ad targeting. Today the Senate is holding a hearing on data privacy …

State rules complicate push for federal data privacy law
The Hill

Lawmakers are running into their first major challenge as they finally begin work on a data privacy bill, with Republicans and Democrats sharply …

Senator introduces health, genetic privacy bill for consumer data
Becker’s Hospital Review

The DATA Privacy Act would require companies that collect health and genetic information from more than 3,000 people annually to retrieve consent …

Florida considers biometric data privacy law with private action rights like BIPA
Biometric Update

A pair of Florida lawmakers are proposing legislation to require private companies using consumers’ biometric data to obtain informed consent and …

North Korea hackers targeting US ‘critical infrastructure,’ cybersecurity firm says

(CNN) A group of North Korean hackers is believed to be actively targeting US businesses and “critical infrastructure,” a report released this week by …

Chinese hackers targeted US universities in pursuit of maritime military secrets: report
Fox News

A Navy spokesperson declined to comment on the hacking at the universities, only saying it recognizes the serious nature of cyber threats.