Data Privacy and Security Weekly

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq.

Third Party Data Breach to Blame for Data Leaks of Major Hotel Chains
CPO Magazine

When stories about major data leaks break, they’re usually headlined with the amount of personal data records that were exposed. This story is a little …

Feds say photos of travelers compromised in data breach

The agency has notified Congress and is working with law enforcement and cybersecurity entities to “determine the extent of the breach and the …

Evite Confirms Data Breach After Hacker Sells User Data On Dark Web
International Business Times

The popular online e-inviations and social planning service Evite confirmed falling victim to a data breach. The breach saw a hacker called …

Quest, LabCorp, AMCA Face Hit by Breach Lawsuits, State Investigations
Xtelligent Healthcare Media

Meanwhile, LabCorp made its 8-K filing with the SEC about the impact of the AMCA data breach on its patient data on June 4. Up to 7.7 million …

LaLiga fined $280k for soccer app’s privacy violating spy mode

Spanish soccer’s premier league, LaLiga, has netted itself a €250,000 (~$280k) fine for privacy violations of Europe’s General Data Protection …

TalkTalk hacker sentenced to four years
E&T Magazine

One of the perpetrators of the 2015 TalkTalk cyber hack has been … syndrome, originally pleaded guilty to 11 hacking-related offences in 2016.

Facebook has unfairly become the ‘boogeyman on privacy,’ says ex-general counsel

However, Kelly is unsure whether these type of data privacy and competition concerns constitute an antitrust case, adding there needs to be a clear …

Russia hacked EU’s embassy in Moscow
New Europe

Kremlin-linked entities are believed to have been behind a sophisticated cyber espionage attack that targeted the European Union’s embassy in …

Cyberattack Lawsuit Against Allscripts Dismissed by District Judge
Xtelligent Healthcare Media

The cyberattack crippled Allscripts’ InfoButton, e-prescription login, regulatory reporting, clinical decision report, direct messaging, and Paypath …

Emuparadise gaming emulator website suffers data breach

Retro gaming website Emuparadise has been involved in a data breach leading to the exposure of 1.1 million user accounts. The security incident …