Data Privacy and Security Weekly

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq.

Massive data breach hits Capital One affecting more than 100 million customers

Capital One said Monday personal information, including Social Security and bank account numbers, of more than 100 million individuals was …

Hackers’ Latest Target: School Districts
The New York Times

But whatever hackers’ motives, school systems around the country have … Others crippled computer systems at the Syracuse City School District in …

Alleged Seattle hacker arrested in Capital One breach, boasted on social media: report
Fox News

Alleged Seattle hacker arrested in Capital One breach, boasted on social media: … She’s now charged with one count of computer fraud and abuse.

City computers breached, data potentially stolen from 20000 LAPD applicants
Los Angeles Times

The cyberattack highlights the vulnerability of government computer systems, with the city of Los Angeles subjected to billions of hacking attempts in …

A professional hacker reveals how to create the best possible password
Business Insider

Read more: 5 easy ways to keep your smartphone safe from hackers … “A computer will take, I don’t want to say an infinite amount of time, but a not …

Post-Equifax settlement, NY updates data breach notification laws
Naked Security

The crows are coming home to roost after Equifax’s 2017 data breach, and over the past week, those crows have lobbed these projectiles: …

Georgia Department of Public Safety Hit With Cyberattack

By Shaddi Abusaid. The Georgia Department of Public Safety is the state’s latest government agency to report that it’s fallen victim to a cyberattack.

Equifax data breach: How to claim $125 in the FTC settlement now

If your personal data was exposed in 2017 Equifax data breach, you can now submit a claim to get back money spent or lost in the breach. As part of …

Facebook’s ‘like’ button puts websites into EU privacy firing line

Facebook’s “like” button makes third-party websites responsible for processing people’s data under the European Union’s privacy rules, according to …

Sephora data breach hits Southeast Asia and ANZ customers

Sephora has emailed customers in the Southeast Asia region to inform them it discovered a breach that occurred within the last fortnight.