Data Privacy And Security Weekly

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq.

Zoom clamps down further on security weaknesses

Zoom, which on Friday stopped development of new product features so it could focus on fixing various privacy and security issues, clamped down …

More Than 200 GDPR Fines Issued Totaling €144 Million, New Study by Privacy Affairs Finds
MarTech Series

Breakdown of GDPR fines by number: Spain: 55; Romania: 22; Germany: 21; Bulgaria: 16; Hungary …

Coronavirus is halting US data privacy efforts across tech companies
New York Post

Data privacy has taken a backseat in terms of national priorities in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, as Congress has shifted its whole focus to …

HHS tech official warns feds, contractors on virtual meeting risks

As the use of tools like web conferencing software has exploded over the past month, policymakers are increasingly scrutinizing the security and privacy …

Firms backing anti-China suit suggest country is behind uptick in incoming cyberattacks
Fox News

… attacks from under a hundred a month to thousands a day in cyber hacking attempts and general cyberattack attempts to take down our servers.”.

Data Breach Exposes 14 Million Key Ring Users Data
CISO MAG (blog)

Key Ring, a digital wallet application provider, is the latest victim of a data breach that exposed nearly 14 million Key Ring app users’ data. Security 

EU Privacy Watchdog Calls for Pan-European Mobile App for Virus Tracking
The New York Times

BRUSSELS — The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) called on Monday for a pan-European mobile app to track the spread of the …

Third Party Data Breach of GE Vendor Exposes Highly Sensitive Employee Information
CPO Magazine

The third party data breach has reportedly exposed reams of personal information including direct deposit forms and tax forms containing social security …

Drug testing firm sends data breach alerts after ransomware attack

According to HMR’s data breach notification, the stolen records contained the personal information for volunteers who surnames begin with D, G, I, or J …