Opioid Task Force


Every day, ninety-one Americans die from an opioid overdose. To stop this epidemic, federal and state governments, and individuals are bringing claims against healthcare entities and medical providers. A strong offense, thorough compliance programs to detect and prevent health care fraud, and diligent use of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs is the best way to defend against opioid-related litigation. HBS assembled a team of former federal and state prosecutors, national trial counsel, and seasoned litigators to defend these claims, and to ensure compliance with opioid-prescription best practices.


John E. Hall, Jr.
Brent Allen*
Daniel Crumby*


Jill Bechtold
Whit Carmen
Jacquelyn S. Clarke
James Embrey
Stephanie R. Amiotte
Isaac Northup
Adam Prom
Jacob Raehn
Duke Regan
Annalese Reese
Jeffery Saxby