The lifespan of high exposure cases often transcends the verdict or judgment rendered in the trial court. For the attorneys in HBS’ Appellate Practice Group, these events are often just the beginning. Appellate review is the last stop in the judicial process, a process that should protect against arbitrary or mistaken decisions by juries and trial judges. Advancing the client’s position on appeal requires a different skillset and the appellate attorneys at HBS specialize in the art of appellate advocacy. The odds of success on appeal increase when handled by a specialized and experienced group of attorneys who are keenly aware of the rules, standards, and policies upon which appellate decisions turn, the pitfalls and snares that may trap the unwary, and the dynamics of the appellate courts.

The attorneys in HBS’ Appellate Practice Group have argued nearly one thousand federal and state appeals in many types of cases, including products liability, premises liability with catastrophic injuries, medical malpractice, long-term care, insurance, construction, class actions, sovereign immunity and unique issues of constitutional  magnitude. The Practice Group’s individual attorneys have decades of experience, and centuries of cumulative experience in briefing, arguing and winning post-judgment motions and appeals. Their insight, advice, and editorial experience are, also, regularly sought by clients and other law firms. Similarly, the members prepare or assist with amicus briefs for national and state interest groups. Members of the Practice Group are also deeply involved in appellate practice committees in state and national bar associations, publish in state and national journals and speak at CLE seminars. Having recognized that the plaintiffs’ bar is protecting its verdicts by retaining appellate counsel prior to trial, the firm’s clients and other law firms routinely seek the Practice Group’s involvement in trials. When “embedded” with the trial team, the appellate team “perfects and protects” the record. Selected by Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and individuals, by health systems and rural hospitals, and by other national, regional and local entities, the group proudly and zealously represents their clients’ interest in state and federal appeals.

Related Industries

Energy, Utilities and Power Systems

Hall Booth Smith provides comprehensive service, representing energy industry clients in a broad array of matters, including transactions, business operations, regulatory compliance, finance, tax, and litigation challenges.

Representing a wide variety of clients, including owners and developers of energy projects, energy producers, suppliers and consumers, municipal and investor-owned utilities, joint-action agencies, electric cooperatives, industrial end-users, independent power producers, and natural gas companies we help our clients identify and leverage business opportunities, establish and implement long-term strategic business plans, manage risk, assure regulatory compliance, and devise effective solutions to the many challenges arising in their constantly evolving industry.

We offer strategic guidance throughout the life cycle of our clients’ businesses, assist with lobby efforts and government relations, and assure that our clients’ interests are protected. As national coordinating counsel for a major insurance company on all of its catastrophic electric line contact cases, we are particularly knowledgeable about and adept at handling insurance issues affecting the industry.

HBS Energy attorneys are members of industry organizations, frequently speak on energy-related issues and regularly monitor legislative, judicial and regulatory developments and industry trends in order to help our clients effectively integrate these changes into their business practices, policies, regulatory compliance efforts and approach to litigation.

Government & Municipalities

With a team of former and current government leaders , and those actively involved in various areas of government, HBS offers comprehensive representation and advice to those in government, including states, counties, cities, non-profits and other related industries.

Our team members are regarded as among the most influential leaders in the state of Georgia and are repeatedly recognized for their work on behalf of clients in the government arena. Regularly interacting with legislative leaders concerning client needs, we maintain close working relationships with elected officials, appointed officials, and agency staff, enhancing our ability to provide expertise and counsel. Leveraging our connections, regulatory know-how and legal experience, we work with local, county and state government officials to craft good policy and address our clients’ legislative, regulatory and legal concerns.

HBS attorneys assist clients with the full range of local, county and state government affairs, regulatory matters, lobbying efforts, and political and campaign finance issues. Understanding the regulatory framework which affects our clients’ business operations, we are particularly adept at helping related regulated industries such as utilities, energy and trade associations, telecommunication companies, health care, insurance, local governments, and nonprofit organizations with compliance matters.


Hall Booth Smith provides transactional and operational counsel as well as investigative and litigation services to a wide variety of public and private school entities, their administrators and boards, and others involved with the education sector. We have represented K-12 educational institutions, colleges and universities, school district board members, administrators and staff, handling the full range of school-related issues they encounter, including civil rights, First Amendment rights, student discipline, school violence, special education, testing/promotion, access to student records, and fraternity and sorority matters. Our Education lawyers also advise on and resolve employment and labor issues including teacher evaluations, remediation and discipline, teacher dismissals, at-will employment, sexual harassment, and Title VII, as well as represent professional educators in internal investigations and disciplinary proceedings and other matters related to their employment.

Recognizing that the most effective solution is prevention, we review our clients’ existing policies and help them devise risk avoidance strategies and comprehensive rules, policies, and procedures to minimize their exposure. As an added value, HBS lawyers offer training programs to assure that our clients’ administrators, school board members, school system officials, educators, and staff fully understand the rules and the importance of compliance. Through these workshops, attendees learn to readily identify and address issues and concerns before they become problems.