HBS Consultants

HBS Consultants is a specialty team of highly experienced attorneys who counsel clients on all of their needs at the intersection of government and business.

We work with international clients, governments and companies to help them navigate the complexity of doing business and pursuing favorable regulatory or legislative outcomes and other government relations matters in the United States.

In addition to lobbying on behalf of our clients, HBS Consultants serves as a dedicated team to advance long-term strategic initiatives that can foster closer cross-border business ties and relationships, such as international transportation accords, trade agreements, proposed legislation or policy changes that can impact our clients’ interests.

We also handle day-to-day business matters such as contracts, negotiations, standing up new businesses or subsidiaries, mergers and acquisitions, and immigration and matters.

The HBS Consultants team includes senior partners who serve as honorary consul to the Country of Georgia and Consul General of Hungary. Our attorneys have also served as elected officials, worked for senior U.S. government leaders, were appointed to important leadership positions in public-private enterprises, ran and sold successful businesses, and authored influential nationally syndicated columns on politics and elections.

Our team’s international and government affairs expertise includes an extensive network of close, trusted relationships with business and government leaders in the state of Georgia, across the rest of the Southeastern United States, and in Washington, D.C.