Correctional Health Care


Practicing medicine in correctional facilities brings a unique set of challenges, and Hall Booth Smith has the experience and knowledge to help these physicians, nurses, surgeons, dentists and other health care providers successfully navigate the wide range of claims and issues they may face in a correctional setting.

Our attorneys have an extensive track record of representing health care professionals who provide service in state prisons as well as county and municipal jails, psychiatric and mental health facilities, detention centers, juvenile detention and more.

We seek to resolve on summary judgment claims including medical malpractice, mistreatment, negligence and professional liability, and we work with clients to reduce the likelihood of claims through risk assessments, best practices and policy training, institutional operations and procedural training and continuing education programs.

We also assist physicians and physician groups with regulatory compliance with federal and state laws, and with ethics, disciplinary actions, licensure and other Board matters.

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