As the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe and prompted mandatory shelter-in-place orders, millions of physicians and other healthcare providers quickly pivoted to providing care virtually through telehealth and online platforms. Hall Booth Smith’s Telehealth Specialty Team combines the talent and multi-disciplinary experience of our healthcare litigation, regulatory and data privacy groups to give clients comprehensive representation on all of their telemedicine needs.

We work with hospital systems, physician practice groups, allied healthcare providers, ambulatory care groups and other healthcare professionals to defend them in litigation, guide them through the complexities of regulatory and licensing mandates, and help them navigate emerging issues related to the surging demand for telehealth visits.

HBS’s Telehealth Specialty Team counsels clients on planning and implementing telehealth programs, or significantly expanding existing telehealth platforms. This includes mock drills serving as a dress rehearsal to reveal and fix any glitches before taking a new program live.

We also help clients navigate the continuous regulatory changes and evolving mandates to ensure they remain compliant with the CARES Act, HIPAA waiver changes, amendments to telehealth services covered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and other government programs.

Should litigation occur, our Telehealth Specialty Team strategically defends malpractice lawsuits and other related claims by addressing all of the complexities of the unique circumstances surrounding that particular case. Our team has extensive experience and a long track record of successfully defending clients in high-exposure litigation stemming from telehealth visits, misdiagnosis, “curbside consults” and other virtual patient interactions.

We also offer ongoing guidance and continuous process improvement consulting on the ever-changing matters telehealth providers face — such as deposition preparation and defense, training to mitigate risk and reduce the likelihood of complaints, and implementing best practices for conducting “curbside consults.”

HBS’s Telehealth Specialty Team helps physician groups and other providers strengthen their telehealth practices by finding ways to increase patient retention, reduce no-shows, lower overhead costs, understand the nuances in telehealth vs. face-to-face legal considerations, help patients overcome technology apprehension, and provide enhanced service to patients.