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As with most things in life, success can be achieved by working tireless to implement a plan through meticulous preparation.  A successful cross-examination of a plaintiff at trial is no different.  In order to ensure success, a defense attorney needs to create a plan of attack, and then work to prepare that plan for trial.  While expert testimony and strong, concise arguments are crucial to the defense of a case at trial, there is nothing more powerful to a jury than a thorough, sifting, and eviscerating cross-examination of the plaintiff.  Likewise, a poor cross-examination of the plaintiff can not only bolster the plaintiff's case, but can also lose an attorney's credibility and trust of the jury, that a defense attorney should work to build from the moment the jury venire enters the courtroom for voir dire.  With so much at stake, the importance of creating a plan for cross-examination, and preparing to ensure that the plan is executed precisely, is