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Companies face more risk of multi-million dollar lawsuits than ever before. To help clients mount the most effective defense in these dangerous high exposure cases, Hall Booth Smith created a National Trial Counsel practice of highly experienced attorneys who work together as a team to achieve the best possible outcomes.
Privacy and security laws are changing as fast as legislatures can write them, and businesses often end up with fragmented policies, compliance plans and privacy notices. HBS offers a comprehensive strategic assessment of a company's data lifecycle, including how data is collected, how it is used, where it is stored, and how it is protected. Find out why HBS is a trusted leader for developing data privacy and security strategies, policies, and practices that can help your company stay ahead of what's next.
When serious accidents or incidents happen, time is critical for preserving and gathering evidence, eyewitness testimony and other forensic information that may prove pivotal during future litigation. HBS created a Rapid Response Team that can be deployed at a moment’s notice 24/7 to manage and investigate accidents in the crucial period when every minute matters. Our team can include accident reconstruction experts, medical/injury experts and independent adjusters whose first-hand accounts from the scene can influence the outcome of cases.
Every day, ninety-one Americans die from an opioid overdose. To stop this epidemic, federal and state governments, and individuals are bringing claims against healthcare entities and medical providers. A strong offense, thorough compliance programs to detect and prevent health care fraud, and diligent use of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs is the best way to defend against opioid-related litigation. HBS assembled a team of former federal and state prosecutors, national trial counsel, and seasoned litigators to defend these claims, and to ensure compliance with opioid-prescription best practices.