The HBS Batch Claims & Class Action service group has both the subject matter expertise and the extensive first chair trial experience to develop a strategic approach and deliver a compelling and credible defense in the courtroom in pursuit of favorable outcomes for our clients.

Every multiple exposure is different, with jurisdictional nuance and precedent cases that create overwhelming opportunities for litigants to become subject to unfavorable law. At Hall Booth Smith, we combat this hurdle through a combination of multi-jurisdictional reach, deep local knowledge, and experience in complex litigation.

In this high-stakes atmosphere, our team draws strength from well-developed and aggressive defense strategies that are tailored to each case’s unique circumstances. Our attorneys act early and diligently to prevent class certification in motion practice and oral argument to defeat claims at an early stage through motions to dismiss. We also craft a narrow and cost-effective focus for discovery and draft economical settlements when necessary or desired. When the circumstances are warranted, we rigorously prepare and present the most persuasive defense at trial in an effort to defeat the case.

We also consult with our clients proactively to identify and mitigate potential class action risks before lawsuits occur, including steps such as drafting enforceable arbitration or class action waiver provisions. Clients often call on our attorneys to advise them on developments or changes in their business and legal landscape to prevent litigation in the first place.


R. David Ware

R. David Ware

Partner | Atlanta Office

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