The ongoing digital transformation of records and workflows produces enormous amounts of data that often plays a pivotal role in the possible outcomes of complex litigation. It’s essential to have a highly experienced eDiscovery team that specializes in handling electronically stored information (ESI).

Hall Booth Smith offers a nationwide eDiscovery Strategic Team to guide your organization through the identification, collection, organization, culling, review, production, and management of ESI.

Team & Experience

We develop comprehensive ESI strategies for each stage of litigation to provide defensibility through the discovery process and enhance the accuracy of relevant document production. Our team can also adapt its ESI strategies to support non-litigation matters such as internal investigations, responding to subpoenas and FOI requests, and corporate transactions.

The team is led by dedicated attorneys and certified specialists who stay apprised of the ever-changing rules governing ESI as well as the cutting edge technology to handle all types of data for effective and cost-efficient management of the large volumes of information yielded by modern technology. Our team routinely advises on ESI risk mitigation strategies, prevention of spoliation issues, compliance with court orders, and privilege considerations.

Our eDiscovery Strategic Team works with businesses, governments, and organizations of all sizes on projects across industries and practice areas including professional malpractice, products liability, labor and employment, business litigation, and government affairs.

HBS has an on-site eDiscovery manager to assist with all project management needs including:

  • data analysis
  • collection options and procedures
  • search term culling and validation
  • review management
  • production specifications
  • load file manipulation
  • compilation of ESI orders
  • review timelines, budgeting and projection
  • privilege logs
  • compliance and regulatory matters
  • in-house data retention and preservation policies
  • emerging technological trends
  • the evolving treatment of eDiscovery in courts across the nation.

Our team is comprised of attorneys from a variety of additional practice areas who understand all aspects of pre-litigation and litigation matters.


Baxter D. Drennon

Baxter D. Drennon

Partner | Little Rock Office

T: 501.319.6996
E: bdrennon@hallboothsmith.com

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