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HBS works alongside businesses of all sizes and across industries to safeguard data, protect privacy, identify potential weaknesses and reduce the likelihood of breaches.



As businesses continue to increase their use and storage of personal information and other data, it is more important than ever that businesses assess how they manage and control their data. HBS can assist with the preparation and implementation of proactive compliance plans to not only comply with relevant privacy laws and regulations, but also work towards a Strategic Privacy by Design plan for your business. HBS can also provide you with proactive strategies to reduce the likelihood of a security breach and remedies to reduce your loss exposure should your data be compromised. We have a team of data privacy and cyber security attorneys throughout our offices to work with clients throughout the country.



Electronic transfer of data and “cloud computing” reach across geographical boundaries in the global marketplace. While most jurisdictions have some level of data privacy laws, these laws can vary widely from one state or country to another. This creates a maze of compliance and privacy risk issues.

HBS can identify the data privacy laws applicable to your business, and develop a proactive plan to comply with these laws.

Specifically, HBS can assist with:

  • National compliance programs and policies to address CCPA, Colorado Privacy Act, Virginia Consumer Data Privacy Act, HIPAA, NY SHIELD Act, PCI-DSS, COPPA and GLBA.
  • International compliance programs and policies to address GDPR, PIPEDA and the national data privacy laws of many other countries.
  • Website and mobile application privacy compliance.
  • vDPO services.
  • Data subject access and opposition rights.
  • Audits and data mapping.
  • Drafting and negotiation of all manner of technology contracts.
Strategic Privacy by Design

It is no longer enough to reactively implement compliance measures when laws and regulations are passed. By implementing a Strategic Privacy by Design program in your business, we address privacy proactively by incorporating privacy requirements with your business strategy. At HBS we believe businesses can achieve their goals while maintaining the privacy of personal information.


If a data security breach has occurred the cost can be high, not just in terms of dollars, but in terms of your integrity and brand.  HBS’ data breach response team (available through our 24 hour data breach hotline) can work with you to respond to the breach and minimize the effect on your business.

Proactive measures HBS can assist with:

  • Determining the personal information your business handles.
  • Complete a proactive tabletop security assessment to find and address any gaps in your data security scheme.
  • Assist with data minimization strategies to reduce risk exposure.
  • Prioritize your privacy resources based on your risks.
  • Institute a security quality assessment and improvement plan.
  • Develop a data breach incident response plan.

Should you have a data breach incident HBS can:

  • Respond to breaches involving ransomware, wire fraud, email compromise and more.
  • Lead the investigation process with its team of attorneys and IT security vendors.
  • Complete any required consumer notification.
  • Handle any regulatory investigations.
  • Work with you to shore up your internal policies and procedures to prevent future incidents.


Our Data Privacy and Security attorneys send out weekly and monthly newsletters to keep our clients informed of the latest data privacy and security news.

Data Protection and Privacy Weekly Newsletter
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Our Data Privacy and Security attorneys send out weekly and monthly newsletters to keep our clients informed of the latest data privacy and security news.

24 hour data breach hotline.

If your company has experienced a data breach, contact us any time on Hall Booth Smith’s 24 hour data breach hotline for assistance.

Call for immediate assistance 888-427-8296 or email to: databreach@hallboothsmith.com

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