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The Coronavirus Litigation Blog will provide analysis of the legal implications for businesses that may arise as a result of this heretofore unprecedented pandemic. As the breadth of infection grows, so too are businesses being faced with new challenges on a daily basis when it comes to navigating how best to balance the need to continue operations with the necessity for public safety. Hospitals, nursing homes, retailers, restaurants, apartment complexes, and any businesses that cater to large swaths of the public need to approach the challenges surrounding Covid-19 with the most information possible. Our hope with this blog is to provide useful, realtime, and unparalleled legal analysis to allow our clients to respond to the ever-changing liability issues surrounding Covid-19 in the most prudent way possible.


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We celebrate our HBS Legal Nurse Consultants

Nurses play a vital role in saving lives and protecting public health, and we salute their dedication and professionalism during the coronavirus pandemic. Our Legal Nurse Consultants bring the expertise of medical training and legal knowledge to help us mount the most compelling defense in medical malpractice claims, personal injury and other health care cases. HBS’s Legal Nurse Consultants conduct medical and legal literature research, compile medical chronologies, review medical files, and prepare expert witnesses for testimony. Many of them previously worked in hospitals, surgical centers, physician groups, home health care or hospice settings, giving them rich firsthand knowledge that is invaluable in our defense practice.