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The Coronavirus Litigation Blog will provide analysis of the legal implications for businesses that may arise as a result of this heretofore unprecedented pandemic. As the breadth of infection grows, so too are businesses being faced with new challenges on a daily basis when it comes to navigating how best to balance the need to continue operations with the necessity for public safety. Hospitals, nursing homes, retailers, restaurants, apartment complexes, and any businesses that cater to large swaths of the public need to approach the challenges surrounding Covid-19 with the most information possible. Our hope with this blog is to provide useful, realtime, and unparalleled legal analysis to allow our clients to respond to the ever-changing liability issues surrounding Covid-19 in the most prudent way possible.


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Brunswick Celebrates 20 Years!

We’re proud to celebrate a milestone for our Brunswick office as it turns 20 this year! Brunswick was our second office when longtime Partner Michael G. Frick opened it in 2000, and quickly attracted top legal talent from across the Golden Isles region. HBS Brunswick serves numerous clients in the health care, hospitality and insurance industries, and supports local community groups including the Coastal Symphony of Georgia, the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Legal Services Program and the Super Dolphin Day Race school fundraiser. Here’s to the next 20 years, Brunswick!