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Our attorneys are thought leaders who contribute to the body of knowledge in their legal disciplines through insights, guest articles, speaking engagements and other appearances. Check out news from HBS, media coverage of the firm and columns we’ve written for respected publications.


The HBS Construction Blog offers information and insight about key issues, court decisions, and legislation on all related topics including insurance coverage, liability for failures, and both damage and injury.

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Correctional Health Care

The Correctional Health Care blog provides updates and analyses on issues associated with the industry, including recent legal proceedings involving providers. HBS attorneys have successfully litigated numerous cases involving lawsuits brought by inmates and represented correctional health care companies on issues related to professional malpractice, regulatory compliance, contractual negotiations, and risk management. Our experience brings superior knowledge and skill to all correctional health care companies and practitioners.

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Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

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The Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Blog explores legal developments, trends and business strategies around data protection, retention, privacy, reporting obligations, risk management, how to respond to hacking or security breaches, what to disclose and when, and other agenda-setting topics. The insight features tips to help clients identify data protection concerns, assure that their businesses are in compliance and develop proactive plans that reduce the risk of data security breaches. We also weigh in on breaking news such as cyberattacks, ransomware, phishing, viruses and other matters.

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Employment Updates

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Our Employment Updates Blog keeps readers up to date on the latest employment law cases, legal developments, and trends impacting business operations, labor relations, compensation, benefits, and more.

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Going Global with HBS

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The Going Global with HBS Blog follows rapidly evolving legal developments as well as policy and regulatory changes that affect cross-border business. Topics range from trans-border business operations, export/import matters, legal contractual issues, joint ventures and licensing, dispute resolution, regulatory issues, international due diligence, and more. The blog covers matters that impact U.S.-based companies that do business overseas or are looking to expand internationally as well as matters foreign firms should consider when entering the U.S. market.

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Governmental Liability


The Governmental Liability Blog provides strategic analysis and shares actionable insights on noteworthy cases as well as legal developments on matters that impact the liability and interests of state and local governments, their employees, law enforcement, public school systems, and entities who do business with governmental partners. Hall Booth Smith’s specialized team of governmental liability attorneys keep readers up to date on new case law in tort and Constitutional questions; legal theories; issues that impact sovereign, qualified and official immunities; and emerging regional, national, and international legal trends in the business of government.

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Health Care Highlights

Our Health Care Highlights Blog covers the quagmire of risks as well as the endless opportunities for health care or life sciences organizations. Our attorneys explore what’s at stake involving case law, business trends, regulatory and legislative changes, and other factors that impact these areas. Our analyses provide advice on navigating the complexities of this ever-changing field. Each post includes practical tips for identifying, quantifying, or mitigating potential risks along with tactics for protecting the interests of relevant organizations in the pursuit of the aim to lower costs, improve quality, and expand access to the field, all while avoiding running afoul of legal and regulatory requirements.

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HBS works with employers and individuals to help them secure temporary, permanent, and family-based visas and remain compliant with laws and requirements. From general topics including naturalization and citizenship to more specific updates concerning I-9 verification and H-1B visas, our attorneys will help you stay up-to-date on trending topics.

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National Insurance Coverage

The HBS National Insurance Coverage Blog explores evolving trends in coverage and underwriting in addition to legal challenges and claims that are likely to impact future decisions by insurers and insureds. The blog covers a wide variety of news and precedent cases in the property coverage, liability coverage, transportation risk, surety/bond and London market sectors at both the state and federal level. Posts also share best practices for policy procurement, dispute resolution, and strategies that help our clients ensure that their legal rights and obligations are being met.

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New York Legal Update

The New York Legal Update Blog offers information and insight about key issues, court decisions, and legislation emerging from this jurisdiction, particularly in the areas of medical and pharmacy negligence, health and long-term care, premises liability, and intellectual property. The insight will keep you informed on happenings in both state and federal courts and address topics that are local to the New York region yet have national implications.

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Products Liability

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Our Products Liability Blog covers trending topics ranging from product safety and reporting to product recall and regulatory compliance involving agencies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and more.

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Workers’ Compensation

Our Workers’ Compensation blog follows news and analyzes lawsuits, verdicts, rulings, appeals and other legal developments that affect insurance carriers, self-insured employers / servicing agents, and uninsured employers. We explore how changing lifestyles and technology play larger roles in workers’ comp cases, such as the use of physical fitness data from wearable devices and whether injuries sustained at company-sponsored softball games are compensable. We also share practical tips for implementing proactive response systems to minimize the initiation of claims.

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