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Workers’ Compensation

HBS defends insurers, self-insured employers, servicing agents, and uninsured employers in a wide range of workers’ compensation disputes including litigation, mediation, and settlement.



The attorneys in the Workers’ Compensation Practice of Hall Booth Smith, P.C. represent insurance carriers, self-insured employers / servicing agents, and uninsured employers in all manner of workers’ compensation cases. Our services run the gamut, including negotiating and drafting settlement agreements, providing aggressive representation at mediations and hearings, and providing representation for appeals.

We believe in remaining proactive by advising our clients of practical steps during both the employee hiring process and at the onset of an accident to help reduce the number of claims before counsel is needed.

HBS maintains full time Workers’ Compensation attorneys at each of our regional offices.  This not only offers our clients access to some of the highest quality legal counsel available within their local community but also enables us to respond rapidly to our clients’ diverse needs, properly advise on local community and business nuances, and effectively reduce overall costs when legal counsel is needed.


Our attorneys stay active in a number of professional industry related organizations, frequently speak on newsworthy industry issues and concerns, and are heavily involved with the Chairman of the state of Georgia’s Board Advisory Council for Workers’ Compensation and the Board of Directors of the Workers’ Compensation Bar.  As such, we bring a unique understanding of your workers’ compensation concerns, including the increasing costs of claims.

Our attorneys also have access both to our firm’s Professional Malpractice & Ethics and Medical Malpractice attorneys who work closely with hospitals, clinics, and individual physicians.  These relationships provide us with unmatched communication and access to health care providers, greatly benefiting our clients and reducing overall costs.

HBS offers client representation in nearly every facet in the defense of workers’ compensation claims including:

  • Defending work-related claims
  • Pursuing possible subrogation claims
  • Pursuing possible Subsequent Trust fund claims
  • Defending catastrophic claims
  • Creating and/or assisting in safety and/or panel of physicians programs
  • Assisting clients with proactive steps beginning with the hiring process


With the professional integrity and skill HBS lawyers bring to the table, we have successfully resolved many cases for our clients through mediation, motion practice, administrative bodies, bench, and jury trials:

  • Successfully defended many of Georgia’s largest employers before the State Board of Workers’ Compensation
  • Participated in the favorable resolution of countless claims through mediation
  • Successfully represented Fortune 100 companies, most notably McDonald’s and JPMorgan Chase
  • Successfully represented clients at the hearing level, settlement and mediation level, and appeals level

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