In this era of increasingly severe claims and multi-million dollar verdicts in high exposure cases, the HBS National Trial Counsel Team is comprised of experienced attorneys who work together to achieve the best possible outcomes in the riskiest cases, such as birth trauma, brain injury, and amputations.

Our team takes a true team approach in defending catastrophic injury cases and ensures that appropriate resources are dedicated to defending these dangerous cases. Our attorneys bring specialty skillsets and knowledge of the facts of the case as well as legal precedents, preceding verdicts, jurisdictional considerations, influential pending cases, and other factors that are likely to impact the outcome of the case.

HBS’s National Trial Counsel Strategic Team will:

  • Review the litigation file created by the local counsel, as well as the pertinent medical records, depositions, reports, and other file materials
  • Draft an overall evaluation of the case as prepared to date by local counsel and devise strategies for successful and timely resolution of the claim
  • Assist in recommending, retaining and preparing specialized experts
  • Bring special expertise for challenging and dismantling plaintiff theories (reptile theory)
  • Develop a plan to aggressively defend against damages
  • Send a powerful message to plaintiffs that the defense is well prepared and will try cases

Our team will work alongside local counsel and supplement their work by providing our expertise and strategic approach to defending the case. In some cases, we may be asked to become lead or co-lead counsel for the litigation and trial. These decisions are made by the client and other stakeholders on a case-by-case basis.

Whichever role Hall Booth Smith takes, adding our National Trial Counsel Strategic Team to the defense of these catastrophic cases adds value at each stage of the litigation. The ultimate goal is to follow an aggressive approach to taking these high exposure cases to trial or settlement in a way that minimizes risk and indemnity exposure in cases such as birth trauma, brain injury, and amputations. Hall Booth Smith has a proven track record of saving millions of dollars annually on these and other cases, and the inclusion of an experienced National Trial Counsel team makes a difference.

Hall Booth Smith also offers specialized training programs to educate clients in strategies and tactics for successfully preparing for litigation and defending themselves in these types of catastrophic cases.


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