China’s Foreign Press Office Falls Victim to Hackers
Washington Post
By: Zhang Jie
China is often the target of complaints from around the world about computer hacking. But on Thursday, the government’s foreign press office may have been the victim. When foreign journalists in Beijing glanced at a text sent by International Press …

Verizon Releases Data Breach Investigations Report
Business Standard
By: Neha Pandex Deoras

Verizon today released a report on Data Breach Investigations for 2012 and 2011. The data is aimed at helping organisations better understand the anatomy of a data breach and how to provide protection for the same. It also examines intellectual …

Annual List of Worst Computer Passwords Released

New data on the most common internet passwords is out, and it shows who is the most at risk for a security breach. The annual list, called “worst passwords of 2012,” was compiled from information posted online by hackers. The top three should come as …

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