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Two men charged for hacking computer systems of photo sharing website Photobucket
NYC Today

Bourret and Andrianakis have been charged for illegally hacking in the computer servers of Photobucket. They also sold passwords and unauthorized …

Criminal attacks No. 1 cause of healthcare data breaches: 5 things to know 
Becker’s Hospital Review

The threat of data breaches in healthcare continues to rise, and with it rises the incidence of malicious attacks on hospital and health system networks.

Should Washington Allow Companies to Strike Back Against Hackers? 
Wall Street Journal

Legislation under consideration in Congress would give private entities the right to defend themselves in cyberspace using computer-hacking tactics …

Nuclear deal could help Iran fund cyberwar 
The Hill

And while Iranian cyber warriors might spare the U.S. if a deal is reached, … Iran’s most assertive hacking groups have gone nearly silent in recent …

The No. 1 mistake hackers hope you make 
Fox News

Whenever there’s a big data breach and user passwords are exposed, security companies make a list of the most common passwords people were …

Your medical records are in danger from data breaches
San Jose Mercury News

Patients should be alert to cyber threats, including “phishing” emails from hackers posing as doctors, hospitals or health insurance companies, said …

Former federal employee busted for attempted cyber-attack to sell secrets to foreign government 
Fox News

Former federal employee busted for attempted cyber-attack to sell secrets to foreign government, authorities say … vigorous efforts to neutralize cyber threats that put consumers, our economy, and our national security at risk.”.

US Concerned China Behind Cyber-Attack on US Sites 
ABC News

The U.S. is voicing concern over a report that China manipulated Internet traffic intended for a major Chinese Web service company and used it for a …

Whistleblower accuses cybersecurity company of extorting clients 
CNN Money

When LabMD still refused, Tiversa let the Federal Trade Commission know about the “hack.” The FTC went after the lab, giving the company a choice: …

Healthcare cyberattacks see dramatic rise, study finds 
The Hill

Cyberattacks on healthcare organizations rose a staggering 125 percent in the last five years as hackers intensified their efforts to steal valuable …

Judge tosses eBay data breach class action
The Hill

A federal judge dismissed a proposed class action lawsuit against eBay over its 2014 data breach, ruling that plaintiffs failed to prove they were …

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq.

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