Data Protection Weekly

Compiled by Richard Sheinis, Esq.

Top 4 Healthcare Data Breaches Stem from Hacking Incident

While 2016 is not yet complete, there have already been approximately 250 reported cases of potential healthcare data breaches affecting more than …

US calls on automakers to make cyber security a priority 

Automakers should make shielding the electronic and computer systems of vehicles from hackers a priority, developing layers of protection that can …

Hired experts back claims St. Jude heart devices can be hacked 

Bishop Fox said it validated the claims with help from well-known specialists in cryptography, computer hardware hacking, forensics and wireless …

Cyber security experts warn firms about dark side of social media use as hackers hunt data
Irish Independent

Employees who use social media and post work-related information on networking sites such as LinkedIn are making their firms more vulnerable to …

Russian Suspected of Hacking U.S.Tech Companies Is Indicted

SAN FRANCISCO – A Russian man accused of breaking into computer … Valerevich Seleznev, of 38 counts of hacking-related charges in August.

Lincoln health center warning patients of data breach, fired worker
Bangor Daily News

LINCOLN, Maine – Health Access Network is warning “a very small number” of its 17,000 patients to beware of identity theft after firing a new …

Belgian media outlets hacked, Syrian Cyber Army claims responsibility

Several Belgian media outlets announced that they had fallen victim to a cyberattack. A Syrian hacker group claimed responsibility, saying the attack …

Silver Creek Fitness & Physical Therapy Provides Notice Of Data Security Incident
PR Newswire

SAN JOSE, Calif., Silver Creek Fitness & Physical Therapy, Silver Creek Physical Therapy Gilroy, Silver Creek Physical …

India suffered a massive debit card data breach because no one connected the dots
Yahoo News

But none of the Security Operations Centres picked up the debit card data breach. As a result, most banks treated complaints about debit and credit …

Hackers exploited connected “smart” devices for massive cyberattack
CBS News

U.S. investigators are still trying to figure out who was behind the cyber attack Friday that crippled some of the biggest sites on the internet, from …

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