Daily Business Review: John Goran on How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Medical Malpractice Claims

Daily Business Review Goran How Avoid Malpractice Claims

In an article published in the Daily Business Review, HBS Miami Partner John Goran discusses how to avoid common mistakes in medical malpractice claims.

“Sooner or later, many health care providers will find themselves in the unfortunate situation of being sued for alleged medical malpractice,” John writes. “An all too common mantra within this industry is ‘when, not if,’ a health care provider will be involved in medical negligence claims. These claims are getting more complex and expensive to litigate as the plaintiffs bar attempts to find new ways to succeed.”

Medical malpractice claims are complicated in nature, and common mistakes can further complicate their defense. While such is the case, there are steps health care professionals can take to mitigate risk in the event of litigation.

Best practices include carefully documenting adverse events, never altering documents or records, maintaining an open line of communication with the patient and/or their family, operating professionally and ethically as a practice and expecting the unexpected.

“Be vigilant and professional at all times,” he concludes. “Stay focused on what you do best: providing excellent care to your patients.”

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