Special Investigations Unit (SIU)



Just as insurance companies have their own internal special investigations units (SIUs) that handle elevated claims and suspected fraud, HBS created a team that specializes in investigating and resolving matters of insurance fraud.


The National Coverage Practice Group has handled the full spectrum of SIU cases, including those that misrepresented the cause, extent or nature of a loss to obtain a payment that would not otherwise be made. We have also investigated intentional destruction of insured property by or on behalf of an insured, fraudulent theft losses, staging accidents, exaggeration of the cause, and extent of injuries claims.

Our thorough knowledge of various state fraud statutes, unfair claims practices and precedent cases on bad faith decisions give us unparalleled strength in protecting our clients’ interests during discovery, trial and appeal. Our proactive approach includes a network of reliable expert witnesses who help us calculate risk exposure and loss exposure for our clients.


  • Review claims to determine whether they merit further investigation
  • Thoroughly investigate suspicious claims, including interviews and examinations under oath, clinic evaluations, detecting concealment or misrepresentation, and analysis of potentially fraudulent schemes
  • Coverage analysis and risk exposure opinions
  • Litigation
  • Appeals