Surety bonds create a complex relationship between the principal, surety and obligee. Because their interests may align or diverge in different situations, it is imperative to have knowledgeable counsel to protect each party’s interests.

About Our Practice:

Our Surety/Bonds team has deep experience in handling the full spectrum of issues and claims that arise, including providing strategic underwriting advice, investigating claims, analyzing risk, mediating, arbitrating, litigating and appealing.


Our team has many decades of experience handling a variety of surety cases, including investigating pre-suit bond claims on behalf of surety, defending performance bond claims and payment bond claims, prosecuting indemnity claims, conducing bond conferences with owners and principals and facilitating alternative dispute resolutions.


  • Surety Defense – Performance Bond Claims
  • Surety Defense – Payment Bond Claims
  • Prosecute Surety Indemnity Claims
  • Investigate Pre-Suit Bond Claims on Behalf of Surety
  • Conduct Bond Conferences with Owners and Principals
  • Facilitate Alternative Dispute Resolution between Owners and Principals


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