Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq.

GhostShell leaks 36 million accounts from 110 connected servers in security ‘protest’
International Business Times UK

The hacker announced the data dump by posting a link on Pastebin, where he wrote that the leak was aimed at raising … However, the most alarming part was the hacker’s admission on how it could have been a much larger breach.

Why data-driven analysis must inform healthcare IT security decisions
Tech Republic

An Information Security manager makes the case for an analytical approach to stem the staggering number of data breaches suffered by the …

Stolen Washington Redskins Laptop Had Thousands of Medical Records 
Infosecurity Magazine

“Password protection can prevent the occasional onlooker from accessing the data, but if a disk can be removed or a whole device stolen, only disk …

Celebrity Twitter accounts hit by hackers

Hacks against website and social media accounts aren’t unusual, and … This past March, the hacker pleaded guilty to the crime of computer hacking.

Russia just took down its ‘largest ever’ hacker ring that allegedly stole $25 million
Business Insider

The hacker group allegedly stole money from various banks with malicious software called Lurk, which infected the computers of people who visited …

Concord School District Reports ‘Data Security Breach’

CONCORD, NH – The Concord School District reported on June 3, 2016, that it has been hit with a “Data Security Breach” in two months ago that …

Human error biggest risk to health IT

Military health official warns that cyber hygiene falls short in health IT. Healthcare data breaches have hit more than nine out of 10 organizations in the …

EU, US sign data protection deal
The Star Online

Data transfers: An EU statement said the umbrella agreement covers all personal information shared between EU member states and US law …

Two men plead guilty in US to hacking, spamming scheme
Business Insurance

Along with a Florida man, Timothy Livingston, 30, they were arrested in December in connection with several alleged computer hacking and illegal …

Major insurer does not have to cover restaurant chain’s data breach
Insurance Business America

A federal court ruled that Chubb Ltd. does not have to reimburse P.F. Chang’s for costs the restaurant chain charged by its credit card processor under …

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