Financial Times Suffers Cyber Attack
Fox Business
By: Jennifer Booton

The attack comes amid growing risks online and among social media accounts as well as rising high-profile cyber attacks. Earlier this year, the Twitter accounts of Burger King (BKW) and Jeep were compromised and taken over by vulgar tweets. Other major …

US Cyber Bill Proponents Hope Second Time’s a Charm
By: Deborah Charles & Alina Selyukh

Since then, President Barack Obama has signed an executive order that directs government officials to set voluntary standards to reduce cybersecurity risk and offer incentives to private companies to adopt them. A series of high-profile cyber attacks …

How To Prepare For When The SEC Comes Asking About Cybersecurity Risk

“Investors deserve to know whether companies are effectively addressing their cyber security risks – just as investors should know whether companies are managing their financial and operational risks,” the letter said. “Formal guidance from the SEC on …

Chinese Cyber Hackers Are Back in Business
U.S. News & World Report
By: Paul D. SHinkman

A team of Chinese cyber hackers allegedly responsible for stealing hundreds of terabytes of blueprints, pricing documents and other information from organizations within the U.S. is back in business, according to the private security firm that first …

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