Romania Believes Rival Nation Behind “MiniDuke” Cyber Attack
By: Ioana Patran

BUCHAREST – Romania believes another state was behind the “MiniDuke” cyber attack that hit its national security institutions as well as NATO and other European countries, its SRI secret service said on Friday. It did not say which foreign …

Cyberinsurance Is Latest Small Business Safety Net

By: Ethan A. Miller

Large companies typically have the foresight and ability to manage cyber risk up front and the sophistication to deal with losses. For smaller businesses, this is not always so. While cyber policies reimburse a business for the damages it must pay its …

Crescent Healthcare Notifies Patients, Employees of Data Breach

Becker’s Hospital Review
By: Anuja Vaidya 

Anaheim, Calif-based Crescent Healthcare, a Walgreens healthcare company, has notified patients and employees of a data breach, which occurred in December, according to a Healthcare IT News report. The letter states that computer hardware and paper …

Security Gaps Still Exist 4 Months After SC Data Breach
By: Tim Smith

Cybersecurity was not a priority at the South Carolina Department of Revenue before massive data breach of its system in fall 2012, a state House committee has concluded. Full encryption of the department’s data files remains months away. (Photo: South …

Uniontown Hospital Among cyberattack Targets
By: Andrew Conte 

The hacking group Anonymous says it accessed computers at Uniontown Hospital and posted online information that includes names, phone numbers, street addresses and email addresses for doctors and people who signed up for a hospital newsletter.

5 Steps to Ensuring Hospital Data Security
Becker’s Hospital Review
By: Jerry Kaner

Hospitals and health systems face increasing regulation for protecting the security of patient health information; yet, data breaches remain common in the industry. Health system leaders must make data security a priority. Here are five initial steps …

Blame for Medical Data Breaches Often Rests Outside Physician Office
American Medical News
By: Pamela Lewis Dolan

An analysis of large data breaches reported to the Dept. of Health and Human Services finds that personal health information may be most at risk when in the hands of a third-party business associate hired to perform functions that require access to …

Where Apps Meet Work, Secret Data Is at Risk
New York Times
By: Quentin Hardy 

Skyhigh signs up for each service, along with 1,000 others that have not yet touched a corporate network, and researches them for security issues, like whether people can share data anonymously, or how easy it is to get inside the system and obtain …

Cybersecurity: What Marketers Need To Know
By: Lisa Arthur

What is the current level and business impact of cyber risks to our company? What is our plan to address identified risks? How does our cybersecurity program apply industry standards and best practices? How many and what types of cyber incidents do we …

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