Report: French Officials Accuse US of Hacking Sarkozy’s Computers
The Hill
By: Julian PecquetThe United States used U.S.-Israeli spy software to hack into the French presidential office earlier this year, the French cyber-warfare agency has concluded, according to the newsmagazine l’Express. The magazine reported late Tuesday that the …

South Carolina Offers Details of Data Theft and Warns It Could Happen Elsewhere
New York Times

ATLANTA – Gov. Nikki R. Haley said on Tuesday that South Carolina officials had not done enough to stop computer hackers who recently stole millions of personal financial records. National Twitter …

Jury Convicts Hacker Over AT&T-IPad User Data Breach
By: Charlie Osborne & Zero Day

Using a script called an account slurper, Auernheimer and Spitler were able to forcefully harvest at least 100,000 iPad users’ data through matching email addresses with credit card identifiers. However, after the hack, AT&T removed the feature which …

Insurer Hit in Data Breach
Atlanta Journal Constitution
By: J. Scott Trubey

Hackers accessed personal information-including Social Security numbers – of more than 28,000 Georgians after a computer breach at Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. The unauthorized access extends to customers beyond Georgia, but the Ohio-based …

Building a Fortress in The Cloud for Your Critical Data
Network World
By: Jose Albino

Most cloud providers agree that security is the paramount, but in reality many do not possess the fundamentals to protect your data. Just because a cloud provider has performed a baseline security assessment does not mean the vendor is truly capable of …

Another Cyber-Attack, Another Chance Your Identity Could Be At Risk
By: Brennan Somers

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- It has happened again, there was another cyber attack on a computer system in South Carolina which could put thousands of people’s identities at risk. The state’s insurance department reports hackers might have stolen key …

Cybergangs Target Online Shoppers
By: Byron Acohido

On Black Friday, Cyber Monday and throughout the 2012 holiday shopping blitz, cybergangs are expected to unleash a variety of old and new Internet-based scams to steal identities and hijack online accounts. “This is prime time for cybercriminals,” says …

Chicago Man Faces Life for Hacking Private Intelligence Company
By: Stephen Feller

A computer hacker connected to the group Anonymous could face life in prison for stealing credit card, email, and other personal information from a private intelligence company, and posting it on the Internet. The compromised information already has …

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