Medical Data Loss Remains a Problem at Hospitals
Houston Chronicle

An inattention to data security is a persistent problem in the health care industry that is starting to draw increased scrutiny from federal and state officials, with fines for exposing patient information ranging in the millions of dollars and …

UK Data Breach Reports Rocket 1000% in Just Five Years
Computer Business Review
By: Steve Evans

Reported data breaches in the UK have risen by more than 1,000% in the last five years, according to a Freedom of Information (FoI) request made by storage and security company Imation. The incredible figures, released by the Information Commissioner’s …

Patient Data Stolen from Temple Community Hospital
The Los Angeles Times

The data included scans that occurred between Jan. 1 and July 2. The hospital has back-up copies of the scans. Hospital officials assured patients that their financial information, Social Security numbers and personal contact information was not on the …

Cancer Care Group Data Breach Exposes Nearly 55000 Patients
Becker’s Hospital Review
By: Kathleen Roney

Cancer Care Group in Indianapolis announced a data breach has potentially exposed the protected health information of close to 55,000 individuals, according to an EHR Intelligence report. The data breach occurred when a laptop computer containing ….

Small Business Tech Security Can Be Had at Lower Costs
By: Byron Acohido

Small and midsize businesses – so-called SMBs, those with five to 5,000 employees – face a heightened risk, because many lack the wherewithal to recover from the long-run consequences of a serious breach, says Lawrence Pingree, research director at …

Reducing Your Online Risk Exposure to Cyber Attacks
By: Martin Jordan

As demonstrated by KPMG’s recently published report, Cyber Vulnerability Index, many global organisations are inadvertently leaking huge amounts of private data and potentially creating opportunities for cyber attackers. Hackers will gleefully take …

GOP Platform Seeks More Aggressive US Cyber Deterrence Policies
By Jaikumar Vijayan

“The U.S. cannot afford to risk the cyber equivalent of Pearl Harbor,” because of inaction, the GOP argues. “The frequency, sophistication and intensity of cyber-related incidents within the United States have increased steadily over the past decade …

Map of State Data Breach Notification Laws
Help Net Security

Current state data breach notification laws are strikingly similar but vary in compliance requirements for businesses, with all laws highlighting the need for companies to deploy methods for closely storing, protecting and controlling sensitive …

SEC Guidance on Cyber-Disclosure Becomes Rule for Google
By Linda Sandler

Insurer Hartford also told the SEC it hadn’t had a “material” cyber-breach and was told to disclose any attack it had. AIG agreed to say in its next quarterly report: “Like other global companies, we have, from time to time, experienced threats to our …

Company Data Endangered by Lack of BYOD Security
Home Channel News 
By: Roy Maurer

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement may be popular with employees, but it may also be putting corporate data at risk due to a lack of adequate security controls, employer policies and employee education, according to a survey conducted by …

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