How to Protect Yourself From Hacker Attacks Abroad
Fox Business  
By: Amanda Rogers
Hackers can easily steal personal or company data from your computer or mobile device, like bank account information or corporate strategy documents. Protect …

Chinese Tech Giant Calls For Cyber Cooperation

The founder of Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei, which has faced security concerns in the U.S. and Australia, is calling for global cooperation to improve data protection.

GOP Senators Introduce Legislation For Disclosing Data Breach
The Hill 
By: Daniel Strauss

Senators introduce guidelines bill for data security breaches … introduced the Data Security and Breach Notification Act of 2012 (S.3333) on Thursday.

Iran Claims US Planned Internet Attack
Washington Times

We just don’t do it,” in reference to cyber-attacks. … intelligence analysts, hackers, and even diplomats to coordinate cyber-attacks aimed at terrorist threats.

Cyber Crime A Global Threat, MI5 Head Warns 
By: Tom Whitehead

An “astonishing” level of cyber attacks from enemy states and criminals is threatening … “This increases the potential for mischief and leads to risks of real world …

FBI Nabs 37 in International Cyber Sting
ABC News 
By: Aaron Katersy, Mark Crudele & Richard Esposito

An international cyber sting led by the FBI attracted criminals from around the … on the web site, as well as discuss general hacking techniques, officials said.

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