London Olympic Games at Risk of Cyber-Attack, Claims Maude
The Guardian

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude has warned that the London Olympics will not be immune to cyber-attack, reports The Register. According to the minister, a specialist team has been set up, dedicated to guarding the Games against attack.

Cyber-Attack Shuts UK Crime Body’s Website

Hackers attacked the website of Britain’s Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA), a spokesman said on Thursday, the latest in a wave of assaults against high profile targets like NASA, the Vatican and multi-national companies.

Why the Government Can’t Remain the Cybersecurity Czar
Brookings Institution

The concerns with CISPA relate to how it handles the flow of “cyber threat information” in the other direction, from companies to the government. The legislation contains a blanket exemption from liability as long as company decisions regarding what to …

3 Major Data Security Mistakes to Avoid 
Becker’s Hospital Review
By: Kathleen Roney

Healthcare data breaches are on the rise. According to a Government Info Security report, there have been 385 data breaches affecting 19 million individuals since 2009. This is a major issue for the healthcare industry because data breaches are costly.

Cyber Risks Economics 101

Business Finance Magazine
By: Eric Krell

This uncertainty adds to the already intense complexity of organizational cyber risk management. A recent op-ed column by two researchers (one of whom works for Microsoft) offers a perspective that risk managers should consider (even though the topic …

India Steps Up Battle Against Rising Cyber Crime Wave
BBC News
By: Shilpa Kannan

But rather than doing something illegal, Mr Fadia, who describes himself as an ethical hacker, says he is trying to protect people and businesses from a rising wave of cyber crime. “The difficulty about tackling cyber crime is that it’s increasing all …

Mobile Devices: The New Target for Data Theft
MIT News
By: Monique Yeaton

An aware user is a secure user. Regardless of the make or model of a device, or whether it’s your own or one provided by an employer, keeping data secure comes down to how you use and maintain the device. Here are best practices for keeping your data …

Alerts Say Major Cyber Attack Aimed at Gas Pipeline Industry
By: Mark Clayton

A major cyber attack is currently under way aimed squarely at computer networks belonging to US natural gas pipeline companies, according to alerts issued to the industry by the US Department of Homeland Security.

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