Data Privacy and Security Weekly

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq.

OCR Settles with Touchstone Medical for $3M After Health Data Breach

In May 2014, OCR received an email that claimed the Social Security numbers of Touchstone patients were leaked online due to an insecure file …

Wyzant online tutoring platform suffers data breach

It is not known how many users are impacted or whether or not the security incident has involved both students and tutors. Wyzant accounts for over …

Israel launched an airstrike in response to a Hamas cyberattack
The Verge

The Israel Defense Force says that it stopped an attempted cyber attack launched by Hamas over the weekend, and retaliated with an airstrike against …

Freedom Mobile hit by data breach, company says up to 15000 customers affected
Financial Post

TORONTO — Freedom Mobile confirmed Tuesday it had a data security breach from late March to late April, but the wireless carrier said only about …

Dems propose fining credit agencies for data breaches
The Hill

The Data Breach Prevention and Compensation Act, unveiled ahead of a Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on data …

Nation state actors, affiliates behind increasing amount of data breaches

The 12th annual data breach report were based on 41,000 cybersecurity incidents and more than 2,000 data breaches. At a high level, the DBIR …

Data Privacy on the Hill: GDPR, CCPA, and Federal Legislation
MeriTalk (blog)

Data privacy took center stage in yet another Congressional hearing today, as the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs met for a …

Ransomware no longer biggest cyber security threat, report finds
Digital Health

Ransomware attacks are becoming less prevalent as cyber criminals look to news way of attacking a system, a new report has found. Instead, hackers …

How Chinese Spies Got the NSA’s Hacking Tools, and Used Them for Attacks
The New York Times

Chinese intelligence agents acquired National Security Agency hacking tools … Based on the timing of the attacks and clues in the computer code, …