Brad Carver, Senior Managing Director of Government Affairs, Continues His Efforts to Resolve a 200 Year Old Water Dispute Between Georgia and Tennessee

Tennessee, Georgia at war over state line; battle could go to Supreme Court

By: Lindsay Burkholder, Chattanooga Times Free Press

Despite nine previous resolutions that have left a 200-year-old border dispute unresolved, Georgia lawmakers want Tennessee to know this time they mean business. In a vote Monday, Georgia senators approved House Resolution 4 with one key change: If Tennessee declines to settle, the dispute will be handed over to the attorney general, who will take Tennessee before the Supreme Court to settle the issue once and for all.

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Josh Goes Policy Wonk in Georgia-Tenn Border War

By: Josh Marshall, TPM (

A bit earlier we flagged this sort of weird story where Georgia (the US state of Georgia in case John McCain gets any bright ideas) is making a claim on a tiny sliver of Tennessee. And as usually happens, when we dip into a new story at least one reader writes in who understands the issue in great detail. In this case it’s TPM Reader JM …

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