Healthcare Risk Management: Richard Sheinis on What Providers Should do When Medical Devices Are Compromised

Contact Manufacturer When Medical Device Is Compromised

In the January issue of Healthcare Risk Management, Richard Sheinis, Partner and leader of Hall Booth Smith’s Data Privacy & Cyber Security Service Area, discusses what health care providers and hospitals should do when a medical device has been compromised.

In the article, Richard lays out the steps providers should take when responding to an incident, as well as proactive measures that should be taken to identify vulnerabilities: “Have an inventory of medical devices and know the clinical impacts of security incidents that affect the different devices. Have substitute or backup devices available to replace the compromised device and any other devices taken offline.” He goes on to note cybersecurity vulnerabilities have been found in wireless telemetry, insulin pumps, imaging devices, implantable cardiac devices, and infusion systems.

Read the full article on the Healthcare Risk Management site.

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