Data Protection Weekly

Compiled by: Richard Sheinis, Esq. 

Russian Hackers Leak US Star Athletes’ Medical Information
New York Times

Russian hackers – possibly the same group that compromised the Democratic National Committee’s computer servers two months ago – have made …

Payment Gateway Data Breach Exposes Financial Details of 324000 users
Hack Read

In the latest breach, nearly 324,000 users have been affected as a payment gateway BlueSnap or its affiliate RegPack became a victim of data breach.

Mobile review website MoDaCo coughs to data breach 
The Register

Smartphone news and reviews site MoDaCo has admitted to a data breach. … Early suggestions are that the breach happened in January 2016.

Tesla Fixes Software Bug That Exposed Hacking Vulnerabilities

Unlike most automakers, Tesla, based in Palo Alto, California, can push out security fixes “over the air” and directly into its cars’ computer systems, …

Saint Francis Health System confirms data breach
Tulsa World

Saint Francis Health System was the victim of a data breach earlier this month in which approximately 6,000 names and addresses were compromised …

Will forensics thwart data thieves lurking in hospital EHR corridors?

IDC’s Health Insights group predicts that 1 in 3 healthcare recipients will be the victim of a medical data breach in 2016. Other research yields similar …

Kennesaw State Student Arrested on Computer Hacking Charges

MARIETTA, GA – A Kennesaw State student has been arrested on charges that he hacked into the school’s system to steal data and change grades.

Hillary Clinton’s computer server has been targeted by hackers in Russia and China at least four … 
Daily Mail

Hillary’s Clinton’s server has been the target of hackers in Russia and … in 2014 – while a computer in Russia attempted to gain access once in 2013, …

AP, Other Media Sue FBI for Details on iPhone Hacking Tool 
Top Tech News

AP, Other Media Sue FBI for Details on iPhone Hacking Tool …. Asked about cyber threats during an on-stage conversation in Washington, D.C., with …

FBI trying to build legal cases against Russian hackers – sources

FBI trying to build legal cases against Russian hackers – sources … on Russia and agencies, companies or individuals linked to the cyber attacks.

Multifactor Authentication Fits Security Needs, but Debates About Productivity Impact Remain 
State Tech Magazine

Home Depot has also agreed to invest in improved data security measures over the next two years and to hire a Chief Information Security Officer to …

Former FBI cyber section chief on using data mapping to mitigate breach risk 
Healthcare IT News

Most often, healthcare organizations use many vendors to handle data, through testing, security protocols and more. Data mapping is one technique …

Patient data for 14000 taken in University Gastroenterology data breach: 6 takeaways 
Becker’s ASC News

University Gastroenterology and its 19 offices were victims of a data hacking scam, where an individual gained access to the network, copied …

China hackers fleeced Wall St firm for millions in email scam: Lawsuit 

China hackers swipe millions in data breach. SS&C Technologies is sued by a former client alleging its staff was duped by a routine phishing scam.

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