American City & County: Baxter Drennon on ARPA Funds, Their Impact for Municipalities

Drennon ARPA Economic Impact

In an article published on

In the column, Drennon discusses how the funds can be spent, the administrative requirements for spending the funds, and the consequences for missing the compliance requirements.

Drennon offers guidance on ARPA’s economic impact: The actual impact of the pandemic on cities and counties might be up for debate. Some saw revenues increase, but the ARPA has provided much needed funds to address aging infrastructure or to expand broadband. Initially, it was expected that the program would limit eligible expenses, but with the subsequent guidance, a city or county can likely use the funds for any legitimate government function. Before doing so, it is important that each use be carefully evaluated to avoid any payback requirements.

You can read the full article on the American City & County site.

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