Journal of Emerging Issues in Litigation: Haley Greico on the EMR Audit Trail

EMR Audit Trail

In an article published in the Journal of Emerging Issues in Litigation, Hall Booth Smith attorney Haley K. Grieco discusses what attorneys need to know about Electronic Medical Records in litigation and the metadata bread crumb trail they leave behind.

In the article, Grieco reviews the types of data involved, federal requirements, discovery considerations, privacy implications, and the pros and cons of risks of using these records in defending health care providers.

“As the health care industry becomes increasingly digitized, it is imperative that attorneys appreciate the impact it may have on their clients and their practice,” she wrote. “In medical malpractice matters, discovery requests for metadata—specifically, the production of the EMR audit trail—has steadily increased over the past few years.”

Readers can download the full article on the HB Litigation Conferences website.

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