Georiga WC P1 Panel Form Changes

New Panel, Same Rules


If a workers’ compensation claim was a one-act play (and oftentimes it seems it is), the panel of physicians would be the main character. For employers and insurers, the goal is to make sure the panel is the hero of the show and not, in the words of Taylor Swift, the anti-hero.

Recent changes to the look of the WC-P1 panel form have created confusion about panel requirements in Georgia.

But rest assured, the requirements remain the same, and so long as employers and insurers keep that in mind, the panel can serve its intended purpose.

WC-P1 Changes

The most striking difference to the new WC-P1 is that there are now nine blank spaces to list panel providers instead of six. Yes, that is another Taylor Swift reference.

As for the panel requirements, the minimum number of panel providers is still six providers.

While six is the minimum number of panel providers to include on a panel, we encourage you to include additional panel providers when possible. For example, if a panel includes eight providers but one of the providers cannot be counted towards the minimum six, the panel would still have at least the minimum of six providers and remain a valid panel for use in your claim.

Closing Reminders

While some may prefer the style (another Taylor Swift reference) of the old WC-P1, please remember that Board Rule 61 requires parties to use the most currently revised version of a Board form. This means parties were required to use the new WC-P1 beginning July 1, 2023.

If you are still using the old panel form, it’s time to say “bye bye baby” (one more Taylor Swift reference) and run (ok, this is the last one) to the new WC-P1.


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