Global Engagement in the “New Abnormal”

Hall Booth Smith international business attorney John Parkerson has been working with Pendleton Group and Global Atlanta to bring together local and international leaders for interactive, topical Zoom discussions on how communities can recast their global engagement in the “new abnormal” of the post-COVID world.  Thus far, the group has hosted four by-invitation-only sessions, each moderated by Trevor Williams of Global Atlanta.  Invitees include stakeholders working to enhance Georgia’s bi-national relationships and create mutual economic advancement.  Around the virtual table are companies, economic developers, international consulates, trade offices, bi-national chambers, ecosystem enablers, and business professionals.

The most recent conversation earlier this week, titled “Reframing Resilience: COVID-19 and Georgia’s Export of Services, ” explored how the current global business environment, affected by COVID-19, has changed reality for businesses and institutions that depend on exporting their services.  While Georgia’s exports of manufactured goods, agriculture, and commodities are well documented; services such as education, professional services, travel, technology licenses, franchise royalties, and other service products are less understood.  Some estimate the export of services may account for as much as 50% of total exports.  This week’s export of services session, video-recorded at, featured the following speakers – each chosen to represent a different services export:

The series continues in the coming weeks. Please contact John Parkerson ( to learn more about upcoming webinars for this series.

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