Medscape: Drew Graham on COVID Liability Claims Involving Post-Acute Care

Graham COVID Liability Claims

In a MedScape story about a proliferation of new lawsuits resulting from care provided or delayed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Drew Graham, partner and leader of the Aging Services Practice Area at Hall Booth Smith, told the publication most of the COVID liability claims he has seen involve post-acute care, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Graham went on to say that most COVID related liability claims against physicians have included allegations of gross negligence to avoid the application of state immunity, while others combine allegations of deviations from standard of care unrelated to the pandemic.

“A second issue is the long-term impact of COVID litigation on our providers,” he said. “If the protections in place to limit liability are determined to be ineffective, our state and federal leaders must act aggressively and in a bipartisan way to make sure our healthcare providers are protected when we face the next crisis.”

Read the full article on the Medscape site.

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