Daily Report: Nichole Hair on How the Pandemic Has Created a Shift in Client Communications

Hair Pandemic Shift Communications

The Daily Report recently reported on a trend of rising client expectations for both law firms and in-house legal departments. According to a report cited in the article, rising client expectations are forcing law firms to embark on measures to control compensation expenses, with many law firms expected to hold budgets flat in – even pausing hiring and delaying associate classes.

Nichole Hair, Atlanta-based partner, weighed in for the Daily Report’s article, saying the pandemic forced the nation to shift to more modern practices such as Zoom meetings and electronic communications, and clients expect attorneys to embrace these new ways of working.

I think the client has become more expectant with regards to instant communication, she said. That is not to say that is a bad thing. I think we as lawyers have become more expectant of instant communication with our clients. We have so many different modes of communication now … even text and LinkedIn messages, all of these have become important ways for clients to expect quick and instant communication.

I think clients are understanding the needs for good products, good services, she said. I believe clients are looking for more efficiency, especially in hourly style work but also in deal-style work. We’ve seen lot of clients pull things in house and review things in house in an effort to make the outside counsel more efficient.

Hair focuses her practice on defending companies and individuals in civil tort litigation, primarily medical malpractice and employment law, as well as specializing as outside counsel for the hospitality industry. She has been recognized as a Georgia Rising Star by Super Lawyers and is a former Magistrate Judge for Cobb County.

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