Hall Booth Smith Opens 24/7 Data Breach Hotline to Serve Clients

Hall Booth Smith, P.C. has created a new 24/7 data breach hotline that businesses, governments and other organizations can call for immediate response and assistance on data and technology breaches.

Security breaches, ransomware attacks, system compromise and cloud penetrations are a constant threat.  When an attack occurs, the dedicated Data Privacy and Security team at Hall Booth Smith is available 24/7 to provide counsel and guidance in the crucial minutes and hours after an intrusion is discovered.

The Hall Booth Smith team will work with you to take immediate action to minimize the damage caused by the hacker, secure personal information, and investigate how the breach occurred.  We work with IT forensic experts to identify vulnerabilities in your computer system and reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence.

HBS’s team will identify the applicable data protection laws, and develop a proactive plan to comply with required reporting and consumer notifications. We counsel clients on corrective measures, conduct investigations and deliver comprehensive reports about what occurred.

The team also works closely with security experts to advise clients on best practices to reduce the risk of breaches, and communications measures to protect your reputation and brand should a breach occur.

“Data breaches often put executives in a panic mindset.  Getting sound counsel immediately after discovering the breach leads to a more orderly and proactive response that can lead to far less damaging outcome,” said Richard Sheinis, a Partner who leads the Data Privacy & Security team at Hall Booth Smith.

For immediate assistance on a data breach, call the HBS Data Privacy & Security team at 888-427-8296 or databreach@hallboothsmith.com.

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