Daily Report: John E. Hall, Jr. on Recessionary Periods & Growth Opportunities

Hall Recessionary Period Opportunities

In part one of a two-part article series published by the Daily Report, leaders of large and midsize firms in the Southeast were asked how they handle economic downturns and avoid austerity measures. John E. Hall, Jr., a founding partner of Hall Booth Smith, discussed how a recessionary period can still result in growth opportunities rather than necessitate layoffs.

We didn’t have any layoffs back in ’08 and ’07, Hall told the publication. The way we handle it is to watch the mix of business and those practice areas that tend to have a downturn in a recessionary period. We make sure those personnel are cross-claimed over into the practice groups that tend to be more stable during a downturn, especially litigation. [By] doing that, we’ve been able to avoid layoffs and other measures and sometimes can find growth opportunities … during recessionary periods.

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