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Raconteur: Richard Sheinis on Disconnect Between Cyber Attack Policy Coverage vs. Actual Need

Raconteur Sheinis Cyber Attack Coverage Need

In a Raconteur article about the need for companies to ensure they have the right insurance policies to contend with rising cyber attacks, Richard Sheinis, partner and head of the Data Privacy & Cyber Security Service Area at Hall Booth Smith, said “When a client suffers an event, whether that be a ransomware attack or a business email compromise, often their policy isn’t geared up to deal with the potential losses they will incur, and there’s a disconnect between what their policy actually covers them for and the appropriate coverage they would need.”

A common problem, according to Richard, is potential cyber-related events or losses are not expressly covered or excluded within traditional policies, which can lead to unexpected coverage gaps.

Read the full article in Raconteur.

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