Daily Report: John E. Hall, Jr. on How Your Firm Can Best Handle Its Retirement Policy

John Hall Retirement Policy

Founding Partner John E. Hall, Jr. interviewed with the Daily Report for their two-part series on law firm retirement policy. The story follows a development where a well-known attorney decided to leave his firm on account of their retirement policy, which mandated individuals retire at 65.

In response, Hall said his firm takes an individualist approach to its attorneys’ retirements, with no mandatory retirement age. He added that more experienced attorneys must come up with a plan on whether they want to continue to work full-time as they get older and submit the issue to the leadership committee. According to Hall, about five years ago, the firm added a subjective evaluation for all lawyers when they turn 68 to help them craft a plan before it’s too late, which includes any reduction in hours, ownership, or pay.

“If someone has concerns, we’ll discuss it, but typically, we’ll agree,” he said.

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