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HBS’s Food and Agriculture team has many decades of civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) experience. While valuable at the negotiation table, our experience is even more critical when our farm and agribusiness clients find themselves in a courtroom or encounter formal dispute proceedings.

Our attorneys represent a variety of clients in civil and administrative proceedings involving the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (“PACA”), Packers and Stockyards Act (“PSA”), food adulteration, seed and input warranties, farm partitions, wrongful farm foreclosure, and contract disputes.

We have extensive knowledge of agronomic principles, commodity markets, and overall industry practices, which gives us an edge in creating favorable outcomes for clients in a variety of settings.  HBS attorneys are well-versed on Georgia’s “Right to Farm” law and our agricultural attorneys can defend landowner interests in cases of an invitee or licensee experiencing personal injury during agritourism, hunting, and fishing activities.