Michael Frick and Beth Boone Receive Defense Verdict in Chatham County, GA.

Michael G. Frick, along with his law partner, Beth Boone, received a defense verdict in a case in Chatham County, GA.  Mr. Frick represented a general ophthalmologist and her practice group accused of failing to start a patient on steroids and diagnose the patient with temporal arteritis.  Two defendant physicians  either settled or were dismissed by the plaintiffs prior to trial.  Mr. Frick was able to show the jury that the presentation by the plaintiff was atypical for this disease, that the defendant ophthalmologist did not have sufficient information on which to make this diagnosis, and that the defendant ophthalmologist was within the standard of care in her care and treatment of this patient.  Plaintiffs asked the jury for $9 million at closing for compensation for the Plaintiff’s loss of vision and Plaintiff’s wife’s loss of consortium claim . The jury deliberated for over 12 hours and returned a defense verdict on all counts.

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