As businesses, schools, governments and individuals grapple with unprecedented extended closures in an effort to disrupt the spread of coronavirus, our Coronavirus Task Force team of attorneys is helping clients navigate the complex and unusual legal matters and business issues that arise.

Hall Booth Smith’s Coronavirus Task Force is a team of highly experienced attorneys with diverse skill sets, knowledge and expertise across the disciplines most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, including medical malpractice, employment, liability, regulatory and insurance.

Engaging experienced legal counsel as the coronavirus crisis unfolds is critical. We help clients establish best practices and protocols for handling the myriad issues that unexpectedly arise each day. We provide guidance on reviewing the legal implications of decisions that are made and documenting actions that are taken. We help gather and preserve valuable evidence that can protect their interests and help build a strong defense should litigation occur in the future.

Our Coronavirus Task Force represents health care facilities and long-term care centers, physicians, nurses and other professionals who will likely face lawsuits in the coming months and years alleging misdiagnosis, negligent diagnosis, negligent care, wrongful death and other high-exposure claims.

We also represent restaurants, hotels, retailers, sports and entertainment groups, and other businesses in the hospitality industry that may face claims by employees or customers over the spread of coronavirus, disinfecting and cleaning practices, lost revenue, layoffs, workers’ compensation claims and other business decisions.

We counsel businesses, governments and schools that may be exposed to liability claims, employment disputes and other lawsuits pertaining to how they handled the closures and whether people were exposed to coronavirus before they shut down.

Our Coronavirus Task Force team also supports clients in day-to-day business needs, emerging issues and unexpected challenges that arise when workforces are suddenly working from home for extended periods of time, including cybersecurity issues, file access, data storage and security, and best practices for minimizing exposure and risk during this global crisis.

We help clients navigate immigration, visa and work permit issues, as well as implications from global travel restrictions, border closures and mandatory quarantines for those who may be exposed to the virus.

We are closely monitoring fast-changing regulatory and legislative matters at the federal, state and local levels to help our clients remain compliant with recommendations and mandates that affect their businesses. Our team is also prepared to make proactive recommendations so clients can take advantage of government relief packages, special lending programs and other stimulus programs that may be introduced.

Our Coronavirus Task Force includes:

● Long Term Care: Drew Graham,  Laura Hall Cartner, Sandra Mekita Cianflone and Jeffrey Wolber
● Insurance Coverage: Duane L. Cochenour
● Education: Andrea L. Jolliffe
● Workers’ Compensation: Fred L. Hubbs, Jr.
● Medical Malpractice: Ryan Donihue, Jo A. Jagor, Alex Battey, and Sandra Mekita Cianflone
● Cybersecurity: Richard Sheinis
● Employment: Jeffrey M. Daitz and Jacqueline Voronov
● General Liability/Hospitality: James R. “Jim” Embrey, Jr.
● Regulatory: Brittany Cone
● Legislative: Brad Carver and Charles C. “Chuck” Clay