CLM: Lissa Klein Discusses Worker’s Compensation Considerations for Employers as Remote Work Persists

CLM Klein Workers Compensation Considerations Remote

In an article published online in CLM Magazine on June 30, 2021, Partner Lissa F. Klein discusses workers’ compensation considerations for employers as remote work persists post-pandemic.

“As the number of remote employees will continue to rise, it is inevitable that there will be an increasing number of work accidents involving remote employees,” she writes. “This is understandably disconcerting for employers; however, employers and insurers have opportunities to mitigate their risks both before and after an accident takes place.”

Lissa explains that workers’ compensation risks can be mitigated by establishing comprehensive company policies for remote employees, taking steps to reduce hazards in employees’ remote office spaces, and establishing a “work bubble.”

“While employers can work with an employee to create a reduced-risk remote workspace, employers can also establish guidelines concerning work hours, flex time, and lunch breaks,” she says. “Employers can also determine how much flexibility employees may have to handle personal or family obligations, such as remote schooling, walking a family pet, or extracurricular activities for their children. In essence, employers can create a ‘work bubble’ to help clarify whether an accident is related to an employee’s work.”

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