Patrick Millsaps Mentioned in Macon.com: Gingrich and Bibb School system share same legal counsel

Gingrich and Bibb school system share same legal counsel (courtesy of macon.com)

Bibb County schools and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich have at least one thing in common: their choice for legal counsel. In November, the Bibb County school board, in a 5-3 vote, chose Atlanta-based law firm Hall, Booth, Smith to handle the system’s legal services. The law firm has offices throughout the state, as well as in Nashville, Tenn.; Charleston, S.C.; and the eastern European country of Georgia.

Some of Bibb’s services, including open records requests, have been handled through firm partner Patrick Millsaps’ offices in Camilla and Albany. Millsaps is serving as the lead attorney for Bibb County’s cases, although a team of lawyers is also handling them, he said by phone Friday.